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20% OFF Lux Collection
Enter coupon code 'ADOPT' at check-out (Until 31st May)

Coats & Jackets for Greyhounds, German Shorthaired Pointers, Dalmatians & Great Danes.

"Hello! and welcome to Elitehound Australia. We are thrilled to know you are a dog lover and you are taking care of your furry friend. Cold weather can be extremely harsh on Greyhounds, as their skin and hair are thinner than the average dog. You've made the right choice by shopping for a warm Greyhound Coat. 


Dog clothing does not have to be boring, so enjoy dressing your pet up with our current Winter Coat Collection. If you have any questions, feel free to speak with us, we do not bite! In fact, we have a very friendly team ready to help.


If you have adopted your Greyhound, congratulations! You've made a very positive difference to the life of your hound and you share our very own values. Thank you for making a difference and helping Greyhounds have a better life!" Every purchase helps a dog".


Designed in Australia