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SMALL size is for GSP's, Dalmations (and similar).

LARGE size is for Great Danes.


As the temperatures plummet, this traditional piece has a certain designation, without being flashy that is suitable for the coolers months. It keeps your hound feeling like is near a fireplace. What is more distinguished than a versatile English coat with its earthy browns and iconic chequered pattern? It's a wardrobe staple for many a hound lover. Inspired from the core of Great Britain, this piece is charged with history and meaning. From Scotland to the lower English lands, our English Winter Coat has been denominated like the "English Hug".


USABILITY RANGE ▸ Below 16°C / 60.8°F

NOTE ▸ Please, measure your dog before ordering any of our Greyhound coats to ensure the size you select will fit your furry friend and have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Elitehound English Winter Coat ▸ Chequered

$95.00 Regular Price
$76.00Sale Price
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