SMALL A 31.10 inches / 79cm approx.

MEDIUM 35.82 inches / 91cm approx.

LARGE A 40.55 inches / 103cm approx.

SMALL B 25.59 inches / 65cm approx.

MEDIUM 30.31 inches / 77cm approx.

LARGE B 34.64 inches / 88cm approx.

* Please note, the LARGE size is for extra-large Greyhounds or dogs with a similar build.

The 3 key measurements.

A is the total length of the coat.

B means "Back". The back of your dog is also important to determine the size you need to select for your dog.

W means "waist". This measurement will be crucial to know if your dog fits in any of our coats. 


Other measurements.

The rest of the measurements, even though they are not key to a misfit of the garment, will help determine if the size you are ordering is the right one.


Please note: As we handmake all our garments, please, allow, a few millimetres error for all measurements. The spectrum of measurement is very wide to allow a bigger range of dogs to fit in our coats. The Coat strap is adjustable, so you can customise the waist circumference size according to your dog's needs. Our Greyhound Coats may fit other dogs, so feel free to ask if you are interested.