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A drop of history

Greyhounds are one of the first found dog breeds. No other canine is as closely associated with speed, grace, and overall agility as the Greyhound.


For millennia, Greyhounds have been cherished and bred as hunting dogs. That has endeared the greyhounds to the most prestigious owners throughout history.


It is for their rare ability to fill this unique hunting niche and to simultaneously live as loyal devoted companions that Greyhounds jumped to the courts of kings and rulers throughout their long history. Therefore, they took an adjoined place to the luxurious life of their owners.

As we all know, Hounds were also bred to race but their amazing nature and beauty placed them to the top of their kind. 
All dogs are unique and special, but this time, we wanted to honour respect to the legendary Greyhound by offering them comfortable, stylish and protective clothing. We believe it is time for them to be embraced as the perfect pet, the loyal soul and the rich companion we know will never let us down.


Most Hounds have very thin skin, making cold seasons feel even colder for them than other canines. However, heavy coats can be uncomfortable. Our designers create light-weight coats to improve your dog's comfort without losing their characteristic style.

What do we do?

Elitehound is a sophisticated label that creates designer garments for hounds.

We have studied the different Hound breeds to produce the most exquisite clothing items on earth. 

We only use the finest fabrics, making our coats durable and distinct from the rest.

We design tailor-made luxury coats for your Hound to protect them from the harsh weather conditions.

Elitehound has an unparalleled passion for detail. We aim for elegance, style and sophistication but also comfort and durability.

Elitehound is based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide premium, bespoke Hound coats designed by incredible designers.

Our unique collections will make your Greyhound stand out from the crowd. We complement their self-majesty and protect them from the elements while looking great. Elitehound is not for every dog!

Our collections are limited. For this reason, you should purchase our unique coats when you see them in stock. 

Our talented and experienced designers will provide items evolved from ideas, concepts and designs that will create trends in the pet clothing industry and ensure the quality of our brand, remains intact.


The heating technology of our Coats.

Dog’s physiology is clever. It's capable of generating heat from within, the same way as humans and other living creatures. The problem comes when that heat cannot be held in the body and cools down by the external lower temperatures. 


As you know, Greyhounds have thinner skin if we compare them with other dog breeds and their hair provides a lower coverage than other dogs. This makes Greyhounds and other hounds more susceptible to feel the cold. Elitehound has designed its Coats with this in mind thus ensuring your dogs are properly protected from the harsh weather conditions. 


Our heating system consists of providing gradual heat to the dog. This uses their own corporal warmth to keep the heat levels right and our insulation inserts prevent this heat from escaping through the coat’s top surface layer. This way, the hound is not over-heated but constantly keeping the optimum temperature levels.


After 2 or 3 minutes of wearing the coat, the dog will have the optimum temperature levels throughout its body.



Greyhound Winter coats, Jackets, Vests

Our insulation fibres retain air that enters from the first layer of the coat and keeps it trapped in the insulation layers.


The fibres heat those air particles and retain them inside the coat providing a comfortable and durable heat-field that protects your hound.

Our coats are transpirable which stop them from overheating your hound. Transpiration is vital to ensure your dog does not suffocate while wearing our coats. This is vitally important as dogs cannot sweat from the skin and could easily suffer from overheating.

Wearing our coats, you can have the peace of mind that your dog will not be cold ever again, while looking elegant. 

Ergonomics and usability are important factors when considering a new coat. We know how active Greyhounds can be, as well as, lazy couch-potatoes. Therefore, it is important to keep the coats light and effective to the movement. Our coats are light but consistent, created with the most elegant fabrics to give an up-stepped look to your beloved hounds.

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