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SMALL size is for GSP's, Dalmations (and similar).

LARGE size is for Great Danes.


Our Parisian Winter Coat is a flattering black and white garment that transports you to the French sophistication. This has been conceived in a herringbone pattern throughout its exterior, topped by an embellished black satin turtleneck and an adjustable velcro strap to emphasise your hound's waist. Well insulated for the cooler months, this piece is a delicately unique way to define "sublime".


USABILITY RANGE ▸ Below 16°C / 60.8°F

NOTE ▸ Please, measure your dog before ordering any of our Greyhound coats to ensure the size you select will fit your furry friend and have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Elitehound Parisian Winter Coat ▸ Herringbone

$89.00 Regular Price
$71.20Sale Price
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