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Recognised As The Gold Standard In Pet Dental Hygiene, Daily Tooth Brushing Has Never Been Easier With The Prozym Toothpaste Kit. A Tasty Poultry Flavour That Dogs And Cats Will Love, Prozym Toothpaste Comes In An Easy-To-Use Dispenser, And The Kit Contains A Soft Bristled, Reusable Finger Brush. Prozym Toothpaste Fights Plaque And Tartar, Freshens Breath, And Maintains Healthy Teeth And Gums. Biofilm Is The First Stage In The Development Of Dental Disease. The Prozym Range Contains An Exclusive Active Ingredient, Rf2, Which Is Scientifically Proven To Reduce Biofilm By Up To 70%.

Ceva Prozym RF2 Dog Toothpaste Kit 65ml

SKU: DHP3085
Expected to ship mid September
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