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Credelio Plus Orange is a powerful monthly oral treatment designed to safeguard medium-sized dogs weighing between 5.6 and 11kg from a spectrum of common pests. This chewable tablet is formulated to act against fleas, ticks, and a range of worms, providing comprehensive protection to help keep your pet healthy.



  • Provides broad-spectrum parasite control
  • Targets fleas, ticks, mites, heartworm and intestinal worms
  • Monthly chewable treatment for convenient dosing
  • Safe for puppies over 2.8kg from 8 weeks of age
  • Tasty flavor to enhance palatability for easy administration



  • For dogs weighing 5.6 - 11kg
  • Chewable tablet format
  • To be administered once a month
  • Not suitable for dogs with a non-functional P-glycoprotein (MDR1 mutant dogs)


Pet Suitability & Product Care

  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs within the specified weight range
  • Safe for puppies over 8 weeks of age, weighing more than 2.8kg
  • Includes a weight/breed guide to ensure proper usage for your dogs size
  • Requires veterinary consultation for heartworm positive dogs
  • Recommended to treat on the same day each month
  • Should be given with food or within 30 minutes of feeding
  • Important warning: Consult your vet for dogs known to carry the MDR1 gene mutation
Weight RangeBreed Guide (approximate)Product Recommended
2.8 - 5.5kgPomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkshire TerrierCredelio Plus Pink for Small Dogs
5.6 - 11kgShih Tzu, Pug, CavoodleCredelio Plus Orange for Medium Dogs
11.1 - 22kgKelpie, StaffyCredelio Plus Green for Large Dogs
22.1 - 45kgGerman Shepherd, Golden Retriever, LabradorCredelio Plus Blue for Very Large Dogs


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About the Brand

With a steadfast commitment to the wellbeing of pets, Credelio Plus leads the way in preventive healthcare. Understand more about their dedication to your pets safety with Credelios expert solutions.


Ingredients List

Each Tablets: 225mg Lotilaner/8.44mg Milbemycin oxime

Credelio Plus 6 chews Flea Tick Heartworm - 5.5 to 11 Kg dogs

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